Root Browser

Most of the tech savvy world understands that rooting a device allows you to go past the constraints the manufacturer sets and tweak almost anything you want on your smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately though, once a device is rooted, it becomes a bit risky for the owner to install certain applications. Since rooting essentially voids the warranty on your phone, it also brings with it a bit of risk. The applications you can install after you have rooted your device can do so much more because they essentially dig deep into your phone’s 'brain' and utilize anything that is available (which is quite a lot surprisingly).

So, whether you are going to do questionable things with your smartphone (such as using an app to set up fake Wi-Fi networks and steal passwords), or you are just looking to gain more control over your phone for improved customization, having an application like Root Browser on your device is absolutely essential.

At this point you may be asking, what is Root Browser? And that is just what we are going to discuss here. Suffice it to start off by saying that Root Browser is truly the ultimate file manager. Once you have rooted your device, having a tool that let's you completely control the files that are on it is a very handy one indeed. And the best thing about it is that you can download the Root Browser APK for free!

Here are some examples of what this amazing application can do:
- It can change various file permissions on your device and even alter the ownership.
- Send any file or batch of files via email.
- Perform all the basic copy, delete, rename, and move functions for files.
- Install and add any new files anywhere on your device.
- Create various new directories and alter them in any way.
...and so much more!

This application, once installed, truly gives you the “god mode” for your phone. You can literally do anything, move anything, and create anything – and all this from a very attractive interface too. Once you open the application you will face a black panel that features all of the various folders that are on your device. At the bottom, you will find your basic navigation controls for the application; however once you click on a file, that is when you get to see the fun features. These features include ones that allow you to copy, delete, move, rename, archive, view properties and permissions, change ownership, create a shortcut, and much more.

Overall, this fantastic application is very much like Root Explorer. It features similar functions, but has a slightly better interface. Also, it gives you unlimited access to your device. The one defining feature about Root Browser is that it is 100% free! This is probably one of the main reasons behind its popularity. So if you want to benefit from the advantages we discussed above, you know that Roor Browser is your best bet!